Komptech CEA at the Australian Organics Recycling Association Annual Conference

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Komptech CEA was pleased to attend the recent Australian Organics Recycling Association (AORA) Conference, June 14th-17th at the Hunter-Valley, NSW.

Pathways to sustainable growth was the focal topic for this year’s annual conference, aligning perfectly with the constant values and overall goals of Komptech CEA.

With the increasing expectations from the global community for primary industry and the organics recycling market to strike a healthy balance between economic process and good environment practice, pathways to sustainable growth through a healthy circular economy is paramount to success in our industry and also critical for the worlds health.

With an increasingly popular demo day held at the commencement of the conference, Komptech CEA was able to demonstrate the powerful and intelligent machines within its range that have been pushing waste wood, recycling and general waste industries to the next level.

Among the machines that took the spotlight on the day was the Crambo 5200 ec direct, Dual- shaft shredder for wood and green waste.

The Crambo direct is one of the best machines for shredding all types of wood and green cuttings. Two slow-running drums with shredding tools minimize fine particle and noise/dust emissions, and resist contraries. The particle size is configurable by simply exchanging screen baskets.

The drive train of the Crambo direct combines the functionality of hydraulic drive with the efficiency of mechanical drive. That means top economy, while retaining all product benefits like overloading protection, reversibility, adaptation to the material etc. The modern operating console and convenient access to all maintenance points makes every day work effortless.

The Nemus 2700 was also demonstrated during the AORA conference, showing off its mobile drum screening technology and high-powered conveyor belt.

The Nemus combines the practice-proven virtues of its predecessors with new solutions for more convenience and performance. The large steep-walled hopper, and the screen drum with its improved material feed and high-performance discharge system, harmonize perfectly with the proven, robust diesel-hydraulic drive.

The control with visualization makes operation easier, and the longer discharge conveyors boost flexibility in use. Practical details like the easy-cleaning two-stage radiator induction screen, larger material intake support wheels and the extremely good access to all maintenance points reflect close attention to customer feedback.

The conference was attended by various Waste Management Businesses, key Industry bodies, while also having a vast range of passionate individuals and businesses who, like, Komptech CEA are on the journey for a greener future for Australia and the world.

The main focal points throughout the AORA conference were that we need to do more, we need to put practical solutions in place for all businesses who are involved in recycling, waste or creating waste. It was made evident that the action needs to start now, AORA set out clear ambitions with major areas to be to be explored.

Vision and long-term strategy for the industry is critical, we collectively need to increase our methods to engage community and improve outcomes. Australia as a community needs to build best practices and knowledge based profitable organics recycling efficiencies. Komptech CEA is aware of these factors and we are working towards these ambitions. Throughout the last year we have teamed up with waste wood, waste management and compost/ soil providers to create a more effective business model incorporating our machines and ways of thinking.

Komptech CEA is committed to making environmentally beneficial changes for every and all businesses, creating strategies for individual businesses and, with the help and support of the Australian government placing targets on renewables and recycling, we will achieve a greener a future.

The AORA conference shed light on important issues we are all aware are very prominent in our western society and Komptech CEA is dedicated to making sure all industries #GoGreen!

Komptech CEA is a proud partner of the AORA conference and will continue to pioneer ways for a greener future.

If you are interested in how Komptech CEA can assist your business achieve greener goals and a circular economic solution, get in contact today!

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